I Love Engagements . . . yes . . . I do!

20 Apr

I believe in miracles . . .

Yes, I do

Because there’s no other way to explain this . . .

with the weather we have been having around here this week . . .

and I love it!

Just a little peeky peeky at what I’m working on at the moment . . .

Aren’t you glad you stopped by?

Cabin Photo Adventure – {Utah Uintahs}

17 Apr

Still trying to POST all my POSTS that I have going on from this last little while . . . so here’s a little more catching up on all my cute sessions waiting to be blogged!!

This is one of my favorites . . . a wonderful CABIN adventure in the beautiful Utah Uintah mountains!  This amazingly gorgeous place is located about 35 minutes East of Kamas on the Mirror Lake Highway.  Who would have guessed that there are more than 40 lovely mountain cabins located in this beautiful wooded forest!!
Such a darling little family – meet . . . Jaycee and Chris!
 . . . and the two little wood nymphs 😀

jaycee 1
It was quite a challenge to get them to sit still for long . . .
here’s just a glimpse of some of the adventures . . .
 DSC09855-2DSC09905-2 kk radDSC09974-2 kk rad DSC00126 kk bw DSC00009-2 kk rdbw jaycee 2 jaycee 3 DSC00041-2 kk DSC00154 kk rad jaycee 5

{Utah Bridal Photography} – just a glimpse . .

13 Apr

Just a glimpse now you hear . . .

and don’t you dare tell on me!

DSC03454 kk rd2aviary

Only because I knew you were dying to see . . .   😀


A Little Before . . . and After

5 Apr
Have I mentioned lately just how much I LOVE Adobe Lightroom?!!  It’s an amazing program where I usually do some minor touch ups for tone and exposure, plus it keeps my photos organized for me so I can find them amongst the thousands . . . (give the free trial of Lightroom 4 a spin . . .)

Then I usually open the current project up and do some editing in Photoshop. I really like to use many of the MCP actions for Photoshop, many of the Totally Rad actions . . . a little Florabella . . .

But today I wanted to feature something a little different!

For all you peeps out there who want to keep those expenses down (and when it comes to photography – WHO doesn’t want to keep the expenses down?  Oh the money that could be spent . . .)

I thought I would do a totally FREE edit from start to finish for you . . .

Yes, you can do some LOVELY things without spending any money!

Isn’t THAT good news 😀

I’m going to feature one of my FAVORITE websites –

Rita over at The Coffeeshop Blog
Rita is the blogger behind CoffeeShop and a stay-at-home, home-schooling Mom to two naughty but adorable little boys (Duke is 7 and Imp is 4), wife to her high school sweetheart, and passionate about all things photography.

And the best part about The Coffee Shop –  Everything on her blog is 100% free!

(although if you LOVE her products like I do – you can kick a little donation her way or

download her MEGA action pack with the works in one download for $49 – one of the best bargains you’ll find online!)

So . . . let me take you through this fun edit – from start to finish – all FREE 😀

 . . . this would be the unedited start up version . . .

blog post 1

our first edit (left) was a run through Coffeeshop’s Perfect Portrait 3one of my personal favorites!Just a little adjustment to the skin softening, I adjusted the opacity down from 75% to 50%then just a little touch up to the whites for eyes and teeth.Knick the sharpen button, then I applied a mask and backed the sharpening off their faces slightly.I also used the soft glow at about 30% to lighten the center of the frame around all the heads and faces to bring some emphasis to that area.
after flattening the image, (right) next I did a minor levels adjustment with the left lever to bring up the blacks just a bit.

DSC03848 after powderr3
I noticed just a a smidged around her mouth that needed softening still – so I opening up the Coffeeshops Powder room 2 just to soften that one spot

blog post 2

Rita has some really amazing actions for effects!It was a cloudy overcast day – so I added in a little sun flare on the left to warm the photo up a little and give it a little more light using Coffeeshops Sun Kissed action.
On the right – a fun action called Attic Vintage – since I had a request for a more vintage look!(the action calls for a scratchy texture so be prepared with one, there isa link to many FREE ones HERE!)All FREE still!  Some inspiring looks!

DSC03848 after colorbl5

This one above is one of my favorites – adding a color block to a photo!The action used here is Coffeeshops AutoV Color block action.I should mention Rita’s sight will talk you through all the downloads, installs . . .any question you might have!
Also her actions some with complete instructions and many tutorials are available on her website!


On the final before and after shot . . .
(and of course . . . use the Before and After Storyboard action)
 for the after I brought things in a little closer with a crop
and added the the tiniest vingette with Coffeeshops Burn action.
Tah dah!  😀

Just a Little Sharing the Love – RadLab

4 Apr

Well . . .

I was just contemplating which one of these exquisite edits I like the best.

I can’t possibly make up my mind . . . each one so adorable!

I have Radlab to thank . . . I don’t know how I could possibly live without it these days.  After I export my photos from Lightroom I do a little touch up in Photoshop, then open them all in Radlab.  It’s like walking into an ice cream shop and not knowing which flavor to sample first!

I could just hang out in there all day 😀

Let me know what you think . . .

Which one do you prefer??

radlab share not

This is the original, with my touchups – no Radlab applied

radlab share1

Recipe #1

radlab share2

Recipe #2

radlab share 3

Recipe #3

~~ yummy  . . . yummy . . . yummy ~~
Maybe I should just start a FLAVOR of the month club 😀
Loves!!  ME

(ps . . . head on over to Totally Rad on Facebookyou can give it a try for FREEWatch out you maybe hooked for life . . .)

Engagement peek! Ridiculous . . . for sure

2 Apr

Yes, simply must share just one little sneak peek from a recent engagement session.

I know I promised RIDICULOUS . . .
but we got RIDICULOUS and DELISH!  Yes, very delish!

Did you know the canyons of Utah are “springing” out all over the place!  Gorgeous beautiful scenery in Utah this spring!

And what a lovely day it was . . . so blessed 🙂

Ok . . . just one little sneaky peaky . . .

Then hold onto your hearts until I post the rest of the deliciousness!

Here is M’liss and Parker – truly bff’s . . . truly . . .

mliss share1

 I must say . . . our only challenge in taking these amazing photos – I never stopped laughing the whole session 🙂  (Very big grin!)

Emily Smolka Wedding

27 Mar

During the holidays I was so lucky to get a new bee-U-ti-ful IMAC that has been a treasure to edit photos on!  But all the updating and backups and transfers and set up,  it’s put me a little bit behind on the blogging!

I have a few events that I’m just now getting around to organizing in a blog format – don’t ask me what has taken me so long . . .

Between booking, shooting, updating, editing updating websites, downloading software, attending workshops . . . the last thing I remember to work on is getting photos on the blog!

So finally – I am VERY excited to present . . .

Ta da!  Emily and Isaac!

And a beautiful Salt Lake City / Emigration Canyon wedding!

Emily and Isaac fav-2  kk emily wedding 1 Emily and Isaac fav-13 kkrd2 emily wedding 2 DSC08754-2 kk rd emily wedding 4 emily wedding 5 Emily and Isaac fav-20kkrd emily wedding 5 Emily and Isaac fav-26kkrd emily wedding 7 emily wedding 9 Emily and Isaac fav-52 kkp Emily and Isaac fav-53 kkbw emily wedding 9 emily wedding 10 emily wedding 11 emily wedding 12 Emily and Isaac fav-60 kkpos emily wedding 12 emilywedding 13 Emily and Isaac fav-77 kk